Gauteng Tourism

Gauteng Tourism is the driving force behind showcasing all the great experiences that Gauteng has to offer to the world. They provide entertainment information and keep up to date on venues, events, and cultural sites in the province.
We were tasked with coming up with a campaign and strategy, as well as producing a video to raise awareness about the Gauteng Tourism Authority.

The Gauteng Tourism Authority came to us with the goal of stimulating township economies by driving traffic to those spaces. Through the Game Changers content and social media interaction we are on the path to changing public perception of township entertainment.

Rather than go with the expected advertising route and creating billboards, we decided to go a different route. We came up with the Game Changers concept. This involved partnering with Samsung to provide hardware that we gave to our Game Changers on the ground so that they could capture their experiences. Using this Samsung hardware, our Game Changers attend events and gatherings in township spaces and film 360° videos that others can then view using a VR headset. This method of content production gives viewers the feeling that they are part of the action, and entices them to attend those events in the future.

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